Over the years, 3Tech Automation has provided a variety of complete automation solutions across many industries.

Our solutions are based on extensive knowledge, experience and innovation. We are constantly on the cutting edge of Rockwell and Siemens platforms.

We are at the forefront of product development and simultaneously develop, establish and optimize production lines.



We typically use the latest equipment from Rockwell and Siemens and have specialists in all major automation areas – as well as a few others.


Focal point

3Tech Automation has a tremendous wealth of expertise it leverages to generate its deliverables. The multitude of tasks are collected and merged into a complete solution. 3Tech Automation is the focal point responsible for solutions that include: precise documentation, integrated management, safety and CE-Marking.

Automation Core Areas


- PLC, servo and motion systems

- Use of standardized methodology



Control Systems


- MES and ERP integration




- Design and PI diagrams

- Supply, installation and integration

Process and machine understanding

  • From concept and feature require-ments and management
  • The design, sketching and design
  • Total Deliveries





Data management

- Batch production

- Data acquisition and consolidation

- Reporting and traceability



We have extensive experience implementing automation solutions for both Rockwell and Siemens platforms. For many companies, the world is rarely a matter of “either - or”, but a matter of “both - and”. This is where we capitalize on our expertise.





-  WinCC

-  TIA-Portal

-  PCS7

-  (S7: step 7, S7-Graph mm.)

-  (S5: Step 5, Graph 5 mm.)

-  (TI: Tisoft (500/505 serien)

-  APT modicon)

-  Simotion

-  Profinet

-  Profibus

-  Profisafe

-  Comos.




-  FTViewSE

-  FTTransactionManager

-  FTMetric

-  Vantagepoint

-  RSLogix 5, 500 og 5000

-  DeviceNet

-  ControlNet

-  EtherNet

-  Panelview

-  Motion

-  RSLinx.




For more than 10 years, 3Tech has been a Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator (RcSI). Our experience and certifications in safety have led to our being one of only a few companies recognized as a Rockwell Automation Control and Machinery Safety Systems Integrator (SSI) – a process that has been several years in the making.


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