Automation is the core, but we are so much more ...

We are experts in areas including PLC controls, motion systems, data management and safety control systems.

We deliver what is needed in a single, secure solution ...

3Tech has supplied machinery built here in Denmark or at our partner site in the Czech Republic for over 200 projects. With over 300 other machine deliveries 3Tech been the preferred partner of both management, power and board deliveries - so we've done it before.


Automation is especially acute at leveraging the expertise and technology in the most optimal manner and innovative way to ensure the functionality, robustness and flexibility in production.

Flexible core competencies

3Tech knows how important the modularity and flexibility of your company's production are to business survival today. These are just as important as each of our core competencies to assuring we successfully deliver.


We think in terms of flexibility, both in terms of their production equipment and our commitment.



The solutions are far reaching…

- both functionally and geographically

From simple automation solutions to large and complex production lines with advanced technology. That includes data management, batch production, safety control systems, network structure and more. The solutions are delivered and supported worldwide to a high standard.

No matter the solution you choose from…



- A validated solution

- A timely solution

- High quality

- Proven

- Consistent and complete




It will be:

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