Each beer must be as inexp-ensive to produce and as green as possible. Carlsberg now produces far less CO2 output.

3Tech, in cooperation with Carlsberg, made a measurement system that makes it easier for employees to assess and optimize energy consumption.


The tools are uniquely combined into a single system focused on data collection and visualization. This makes it simple to review and optimize the energy consumption. It highly motivates employees who see the savings manifest itself in dollars.

Karsten Oestergaard describes 3Tech as, “excellent, well, almost unique to gather it all in one system.” We would like to get to where we


do what the employees “do as they do at home” when it comes to saving energy.

We now have a tool available that can visualize the impact of their behavior on energy. A tool that can visualize for them, how important it is to save energy and how much they can ‘move’ on consumption he stated.

Data collection and visualization is just one of the cornerstones of 3Tech’s work making automation systems.



Carlsberg saves millions on energy consumption with a solution from 3Tech.

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