Production should be simple, complete and robust. However, we often see the "wildest" machinery in this segment. We are trying all means to remove human interference in production. Would you rather buy or develop a machine?

Linking these "specialty" machinery together in a clear solution is often a challenge. 3Tech has done it with success countless times. The breadth and experience of our staff is a tremendous advantage.

The secret of competitive food lies in automation

With over 300 other machine deliveries, 3Tech has been the preferred supplier of both management, power and board deliveries – you can say we've done this before.

We want you to challenge us. Call as soon as you have a new idea for production. We have the knowledge necessary for an innovative solution.

Our professional team combines their knowledge in order to create the best solution.

If a desired machine is not available on the market and the task cannot be done by a robot, we design and build the machine solution. Our solutions take into account modularity, flexibility, functionality and safety. 3Tech have a few hundred cases have been supplier of machinery, built here in Denmark or to our partner in the Czech Republic.

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