It is also very much about the right plant control. 3Tech’s skills were just right.

Global environmental legislation has tightened. This is great for us. This means stricter requirements for manufacturing companies to clean air before it is released into the atmosphere.

Lesni’s core competencies in air purifiers combined with 3Tech’s strong skills in control and data has, over several years of close collaboration, resulted in very modern plants offering more than simply environmental compliance.

In the waste air treatment plants from Lesni there is a cloud of sensors and technologies that contribute to the optimum cleaning process.

With many more parameters than normal, 3Tech was successfully able to design and establish the management of these complex systems.

The CE-marking of the plants were prepared in cooperation between Lesni and ATEX experts from Bowitek – which is also a part of the 3Tech Group.

Lesni A/S builds industrial waste air purification plants for many uses such as the chemical industry.



The air that comes out of the treatment plant from Lesni is several times cleaner than the air we breathe.

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