3Tech brings knowledge to solutions. Partners contribute equipment.

The common denominator in all 3Tech solutions is knowledge. We are the creative partner for the client that knows the most about a given platform and the products used.

Thus, 3Tech continuously trains and updates its knowledge base by continuously interacting with our partners.  With a good relationship with its partners come 3Tech far easier target.



US automation equipment in Europe. Wide range of products.

From the start, 3Tech has relied on a US platform. Rockwell remains a breath of fresh air in the automation industry. Rockwell is a pioneer often leading with the latest trends and principles. They make 3Tech an even better solution for their clients.

3Tech is one of the highest-certified Rockwell partners in Northern Europe. Only a few of Rockwell’s partners have achieved the status of a Safety System Integrator (SSI) - 3Tech is one.


We participate in the annual Rockwell Automation Fair in the US.



German quality and consistency. Complete equipment.

Many production companies are using Siemens platforms. 3Tech is one that has amassed considerable experience in Siemens products and platforms. Recently, 3Tech was given the unique opportunity in Denmark to implement a solution on a major project using the latest products from Siemens.

Our customers in future projects will receive tangible benefits where state-of-the-art equipment will create better production solutions and increase competitiveness.

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