Automation from 3Tech is the source of a broad product range from Brenntag as well as a safer workplace and consistent pro-ducts every time.


The new automated mixing system handles up to 200 different chemical compounds for the food, pharmaceutical, cleaning and metal industry.

The keyword is flexibility. With the new installations, it is easy to create and modify formulas.

The flexibility also applies to the mixing process, order, volumes, and other items due to the fact that the installation is equipped with a batch system. This allows it to set up the formulations on its own says plant manager Poul-Erik Conradsen who also highlights the importance that one can operate the equipment and train new employees to use it.

The system consists of nine mixing tanks and approximately 25 raw material tanks. Poul-Erik Conradsen also says that there is full traceability in the system, so you can always see what is added and when.

The equipment can be operated and supported remotely through web access. Thus, 3Tech can login anytime there is a need for support.

For Brenntag, the new equipment means facility that customers get exactly the same mix every time.




Brenntag has 325 locations and 13,000 employees worldwide with annual revenue of 45 billion kroner (7.7 billion USD as of Sep 2014). The Group has approximately 11,000 items of which approximately 3,000 are in stock and supplies chemicals to the food, pharmaceutical, cleaning and metal industries. The chemicals are used for everything from pizza flour to strychnine.



New mixing system handles up to 200 different mixtures.

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