Beliefs and values are our DNA, which we regularly evaluate and assess in order to adapt to the ever-changing markets.


3Tech’s values



  • Respect for customers and their business
  • Pride
  • Provide quality – on time and within budget
  • Take responsibility for the project and make a difference              A high degree of freedom – with accountability





The Cornerstone

The 3 pillars of 3Tech



Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge

YES – and we know how to use it!

We offer our sparring, confidentiality and competence that means a difference.



Accountability, accountability, accountability

YES – and we feel an obligation to get involved.

We have some of the best people in the industry who take responsibility for the tasks



Control, control, control

YES – we control the delivery, the delivery does not control us.

Our years of experience with a practical approach means that we are in control and will

deliver on time!




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