3Tech has been in the industry from the start creating revolutionary new production methods and machinery for the manufacturing of blades for the world’s largest wind turbines.

- Work closely with the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world

- Develop and manufacture blade production lines

- Export and install blade production equipment around the world

- Are a responsible supplier of CE-Marked machinery

- Provide worldwide support of our production equipment




In most cases, the wind turbine manufacturers design their own wind turbine blades. In close cooperation, 3Tech concurrently designs the production equipment for the manufacture of the wind mill blades. Typically, this production equipment is used in Denmark first. Then, 3Tech manufactures similar units of the production equipment that are implemented at production sites around the world. .

Since 2000, 3Tech has developed and manufactured production lines for the wind turbine industry. This has led to several generations of production equipment which require nothing less than the highest-level of cooperation and close coordination with customers.

The wind turbine industry is highly competitive. We value our customers’ projects and solutions and provide the highest level of confidentiality as if our customers created the solutions themselves. Thus, the images on our website are NOT from actual projects.

This means that we:

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